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About Us

After returning from a one year family journey around the world, Orit and Glenn joined forces and founded "Go Beyond- Transformational Training". Together they bring a holistic approach which challenges the physical, mental and emotional boundaries, pacing and leading teams to peak performance.


Glenn Cohen

Glenn Cohen moved to Israel and dedicated his life to the defense of the State of Israel. He served over 30 years as an air force pilot, hostage negotiator,  special forces psychologist and ultra-ironman athlete. He recently retired at rank of Colonel, as Chief of Psychology of the Israel Prime Minister's Office, overseeing the Shin Bet and Mossad. Glenn pioneered The Special Forces Method for peak performance, while working with Israel's most elite units.


Orit Avivi Cohen

Orit Avivi Cohen (MBA), Organizational consultant, group facilitator, is an expert in Organizational Development (OD), and training. Specializes in team building and leadership training. For over 25 years, she has been facilitating diverse groups, using the Listening Circle technique as an effective technique. 


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