The airforce pilot and operative nicknamed the "Iceman", has finally come in from the cold, after 30 years of being at the epicenter of many pivotal events as a field operative and chief psychologist of Israel's elite intelligence units.

Glenn Cohen shares his riveting accounts of flying choppers, evacuating soldiers and civilians in war zones, search and rescue of M.I.A.'s, training elite units for POW survival, treating wounded warriors, hostage negotiating and racing ultra ironman competitions for charity. Hear the secrets of how we can all go beyond, and be greater in every aspect of our lives. Glenn speaks at events and communities around the world, sharing stages with global leaders,  Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Dr. Phil and other celebrities.


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Behind the scenes of Israel's elite forces

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Tours or missions to Israel.


-David Abramson, President, Beis Gavriel Synagogue, London,U.K

"Glenn and his story are truly engaging and powerful. He is a living example of a can do attitude. His talk and workshop  inspired our entire community that change and going beyond your limits is achievable. "

-Max Singer ,Co-founder and Senior Fellow of Hudson Institute, Washinton D.C.

"Glenn has spoken at our groups annual event for the past 15 years and has always led us on a moving, inspirational journey, leaving a lasting impact on the audience. Only meeting and hearing Glenn can do justice to the power of his life story."

-James Lassner, President of Orach Chaim congregation, Manhattan, NY

"Glenn’s story is inspiring, compelling, emotional, stimulating and uplifting for all ages. His warm, kind demeanor and positive message will make you proud."

-Rabbi Dovid Zirkind, Assistant Rabbi, The Jewish Center, Manhattan ,NY.

.Glenn's work is really the pride of our community and knowing that graduates from our schools are serving the Jewish people with distinction the way he does is quite uplifting. It was an honor to meet Glenn and hear him speak, and I truly hope he will speak at our congregation again."

-Major Chagai Yovel, Israel Air Force Excellency Program Director.

"After hearing Glenn speak today to 400 soldiers and officers, I can say that his presentation only gets better from year to year.  Many commented to me afterwards that his talk led them to overcome mental hurdles which had seemed insurmountable to them."

-Rabbi Rob Scheinberg, United Synagogue, Hoboken, N.J.  

"Glenn is an amazing story teller. His story and message are fitting for all age groups, across the spectrum. I would recommend him very highly!"





I just wanted to tell you how much our group enjoyed the time we spent with you at your house today. Your warmth, honesty, content & messaging were all spot on!! 

Thanks again and look forward to hosting you in our community.

Rabbi Yehuda Kantor 

Westport Chabad

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